Presentation Disasters…

I was making my daily check on blogosphere and found out a couple of presentation disasters, along with some clues on how to solve them.
Microsoft has produced a list of real-life presentation disasters. You will have a very funny moment like i had, reading this top 10. If your feel that you had deliver a tragical presentation, be sure to read these incredible moments.
Strategic Communications has also revealed a couple of tips in tragic scenarios on presentations. Give also a look over the ONPPT.
David W. Richardson also presents us with some good ideas to overcome tragic presentations. More from ScottGu’s blog.
Do you have any story to tell us? I will tell my personal experiences around this matter soon.
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Rui Pedro Caramez ( é atualmente um dos maiores entusiastas da rede profissional Linkedin em Portugal. Em 2009, publicou o seu primeiro livro sobre o Linkedin e, em Setembro de 2012, está prevista a publicação de mais um livro sobre a mesma rede profissional. Administrador do Blogue - Orador, formador e consultor de variados projectos dedicados ao Linkedin e às redes sociais, desempenha funções docentes no Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo. Professor convidado em diversas Pós-Graduações sobre Marketing Digital & Redes Sociais. Desde 2010, organiza o SOCIAL MEDIA DAY em Portugal - maior evento dedicado às redes sociais em Portugal.

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One comment on “Presentation Disasters…
  1. Lee Potts says:

    Hi Pedro,

    I know I’m kind of late to the party but I’d like to plug (if you don’t mind) a blog I recently started that’s about this very subject . It’s called Breaking Murphy’s Law ( It focuses on trying to help people avoid presentation disasters by sharing stories about presentation disasters that someone else wasn’t able to avoid.

    Hope you like it.


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